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I Found The Golden Ticket

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

08.02.05 Rock the Bells

This is the third year for Rock the Bells and even
though it was an all day event with performances
starting with at noon i personally didn't get there
until a little after 4. it was over a hundred degrees.
i have a great way to beat the heat when my apartment
gets too hot but i dont think it would be ok i if i
sat around naked eating popsicles. When i got there
Q-bert was molesting the turntables to the enjoyment
of all. following him was sage francis with his
mountain man beard. i quickly decided to check out the
other stage where they had dancers. Some of them were
impressive and others had epileptic seizures and
little skill.

Sage francis finally left the stage and hieroglyphics
were next. They did their thing and ended with "93 til
infinity" and then "you never knew". the living
legends followed and had a real strong performance.
some time they would do the a group song or murs would
do a song or CMA but they kept bringing it. certainly
one of the highlights of the night

Next up was Redman...this is where things hit a bump.
up until this point the routine had been the act
finishes and they get off stage and roll the
turntables off. roll new turntables on as a dj on the
side plays a few classic joints and before you know it
the next act is on stage. there was a long wait and
you saw they started bringing instruments on stage
(guitar, drums and keyboard).

immortal technique came on and did a few songs and had
the crowd fired up and drop a few lines like "i'm not
on my knees so i'm not the next to blow. this isn't
southern cali this is northern mexico". After a few
songs played by the dj after immortal techniques
performance the crowd is getting impatient. even
though the sun had gone down now its hot and some of
the people had been there since 11. also by now on
each side of you was some dude pressed up against you.
a few guys started checking the instruments then left.
by now people were screaming hurry up and fuck you and
refund. a few bottles were thrown on stage. it was
after 9 now and he was scheduled to come on a quarter
after 8.

the "band" came back on stage and then redman came out
wearing the latest from Paris. well he could have been
his nba all star jersey was long enough to be a dress.
here is a little helpful hint if your shirt goes lower
than your knees its a dress. They played the first two
songs with a band then they just stood up there for a
while. redman could tell the crowd wasnt into it. they
were still salty. after the 4th song red stopped
things and was telling the audience "i dont know what
went on before i got out here but come on" and again
a few songs later he stopped it again and encouraged
the crowd to say "Fuck you Redman" which they were
happy to do and then he said fuck you too and went
into "ill bee dat" things started to get better but by
this time red was tired and had L.E.S. his dj do a
routine with MOP's "ante up" then dj kool came on and
did "let me clear my throat" (with redman on the
turntables adding a little something here and there).
he then started "da goodness" but stopped it after
about a verse and had the band play it live instead.
he did anther song which was mainly the dj playing the
best and redman jumping into the audience and then
left. the 3 songs we got with a band werent anything
great and considering how long you had to wait for the
band to set up it clearly wasnt worth it.

before nas came on talib kweli did a few songs started
with his verse from "get em high" then "move sometin",
"the blast" and ended with "get by".

shortly after that nas came on he did a few illmatic
joints, if i could rule the world, phone tap and
others. he also did "ether although" he said he didnt
have beef with "him" no more. and he said i have a new
one of those joints coming out. hinting at the 50 diss
that he made. KRS One came on stage with Nas and then
KRS rocked it for a bit. doing songs and then he had
supernatural and mikah 9 of the freestyle fellowship
up there and would have there turns to shine as well.
Both times mikah 9 had the mic he really impressed.
krs one also did a medley of famous rap quotes tied
together. at the end the killed the beat and did
acapella performances with krs leading off with a
bling blong anti materialistic piece. once they
finished theodore unit (ghostfaces crew) came on and
did a couple songs then finally ghostface and raekwon
came on they did some classic joints and ghostface did
some songs off of pretty tony. they also brought rza
up who spit as well. they also gave their respects to
Ol dirty bastard who last year performed at Rock the
Bells. they brought one of ODB's sons on stage (little
unknwon fact 1 out of every 40 kids under the age of
10 is actually an illigetament son of ODB ) The
raekwon and ghostface performance wasnt what it could
have been. ghostface's mic was real low and of course
the wu has so many people onstage all saying the lines
most of the time its not really the same. around 12:30
they finished and it was over overall a good show. i
look forward to next year provided everyone leaves the
instruments at home.

Monday, May 16, 2005

05.16.05 - Mixtape Monday (DJ Stylus)

hey i told you i will be updating more. today i have a track off of Headphone Addiction a mix cd DJ Stylus did a few years ago. i think i got it because i reviewed it for some magazine and i'm glad it found its way to me. its got a good vibe throughout. on this song he mixes A Tribe Called Quest's "Lyrics To Go" off of Midnight Marauders album with Tradegy's "Street Life". good stuff. if you have a mix cd or (know someone who does) with original blends, remixes, routines etc... and want to send it to me for a future mixtape monday get at me. plus i review stuff for varioius places it might turn up somewhere else.

You can buy Headphone Addiction (only 10 bucks) and his other mix albums here

Tradegy "Street Life" (Return of the Life Mix)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

05.10.05 - Prince Paul

Prince Paul is one of hiphop elite producers from his work with De La Soul to the Gravediggaz (the first Gravediggaz is a CLASSIC if you dont own it you have to cop it.) to his later work with Automator on the Handsome Boy Modeling School albums (So...How's Your Girl? and White People). Well he is back again with another album Itstrumental on Female Fun Records. Its largely an instrumental album with a few quest spots sprinkled throughout. I decided to give you "Flattery" where the prince teams up with cut and paste king Steinski and "Yes, I Do Love Them Ho's!".

Prince Paul
"Yes, I Do Love THem Ho's!"

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

03.08.05 De La Soul / Digable Planets

Haven't had time to update. Here is what i had planned to post on friday to end Josh Taft hiphop videos week. If a link dies just make a comment about it. I'm not online that much.

De La Soul "Fallin"

Digable Planets "9th Wonder'

Thursday, March 03, 2005

03.03.05 - A Tribe Called Quest (3)

A Tribe Called Quest "Award Tour"

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

03.02.05 - A Tribe Called Quest (2)

A Tribe Called Quest "Oh My God"

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

03.01.05 - A Tribe Called Quest (1)

Another great video and the start of three tribe videos in three days. Day one is "Electric Relaxation". As with all the videos this week it was directed by Josh Taft.

A Tribe Called Quest "Electric Relaxation" (12.2 MB)